Review Policy

I am currently accepting books for review.

The genres that I do accept are anything young adult, and historical fiction.

The genres that I do not accept are horror, biographies, and nonfiction.

I accept physical books as well as e-books in epub format.

It will take me anywhere from 2-8 weeks to review and once I have finished I will post my review here on my blog as well as on any selling site (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.) that is requested.


When I finish a book and I rate it I will use the five star system. Below is what I think of the book based on how many stars I gave it.

1 out of 5: The book was just bad. I more than likely wasn’t even able to finish it no matter how hard I tried.

2 out of 5: The book was a little better. It started to bring in my imagination but it didn’t hold my attention all that much.

3 out of 5: The book is able to connect with the audience and can hold my attention much better.

4 out of 5: The book is very good. It is relatable and was able to hold my attention well. It also had me feeling what the character was feeling.

5 out of 5: The book is the holy grail of books. It left me wanting more. It had me feeling every emotion that you can think of. It took my imagination to another place.

Listed below are the things that I look for or expect when I’m reading a book.

  • Has a good plot that will hold the reader’s attention and take them to another place.
  • The story is relatable to any audience that may pick it up to read.
  • It has the reader totally and completely engrossed in the story while leaving them wanting more even after the story has ended.
  • It also doesn’t have a lot of spelling or grammar errors. Although I know things can be missed even after a numerous amounts of editing.

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