Book Review: Bad Bloods: November Rain by Shannon A Thompson


Title: Bad Bloods: November Rain by Shannon A. Thompson

Goodreads Summary:

Seventeen-year-old Serena isn’t human. She is a bad blood, and in the city of Vendona, bad bloods are executed. In the last moments before she faces imminent death, a prison guard aids her escape and sparks a revolt. Back on the streets determined to destroy her kind, Serena is spared by a fellow bad blood named Daniel. His past tragedies are as equally mysterious as her connection to them.

Unbeknownst to the two, this connection is the key to winning the election for bad bloods’ rights to be seen as human again. But Serena is the only one who can secure Vendona’s vote. Now, Daniel must unite with her before all hope is lost and bad bloods are eradicated, even if it means exposing secrets worse than death itself. United or not, a city will fight, rain will fall, and all will be threatened by star-crossed love and political corruption.


Review: I give this book a four out of five. There were just two reasons why I didn’t give this book a full five out of five is one because I found the first couple chapters kind of slow and two the chapters alternate between the two main characters Serena and Daniel. There would be times that I would forget who I was reading and would have to glance back and remind myself. Over all I really liked the book. I like the story and the relationship that is developing between the Serena and Daniel. The story is different, but it also shows how people judge others just because they are different. I love how this book has a underlying lesson that I’m not sure if the author meant to get a crossed or not. I would recommend this book. You can pick up a copy here.

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