Book Review: Amaranthine by Lanie Jacobs


Title: Amaranthine by Lanie Jacobs

Goodreads Summary:

With Graduation only weeks away, Khalida’s normal everyday boring life is turned upside down in one day. One day is all it took to change everything she ever knew. Never knowing her past, Khalida, is thrown into a world of vampires and just not any vampires, ones who will hunt to the end to kill her. Everyone around her is in danger and she must fight to protect those she loves. Thrust into the chaos, Luke, a boy whom she could never walk completely away from, one who would give his life to protect hers. And Carey, the ex-boyfriend who will stop at nothing to make sure that the darkness that surrounds Khalida succeeds in taking everything away from her. Though, Luke, would take on the world to save her, can he help Khalida save her from herself?


Review: I am giving this book a three out of five. I did really like the book. I loved the main core group of characters and their relationships to each other. Khalida is really interesting. She finds out that she is not at all who she thought she was for her whole life and even though you can see she is overwhelmed by it all she still thinks of the people she loves that are around her and their well being above her own. The reason I gave this book a lower rating than I would like to is because of two things. The first being that the book started out with a prologue the left me confused as to why it was there at all until almost the very end of the book. The whole time I was reading I kept thinking back to it and wondering where it fit in. The second being that I disliked the ending very much, and not just because the book was over because it was a great story. It was a total cliff hanger, more so than just continuing to a second book. It was like it just ended. Other than those two things I did like the story.

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